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Nice to Meet you!

These are the faces behind the work. We love our work, and we keep the smile!

We also believe in Sharing ideas and knowledge (Check out our blog!). We believe in partnerships and mutual success.


Sophie Rey

Founder | Senior Copywriter

Sophie is our creative mind. She loves playing with words, bringing new concepts to life and enjoys every minute of it! She has 19 years of experience as a copywriter.


Chen Hindi

General Manager | Head of Digital

After graduating with BSc in Physics, Chen learnt that PPC, Analytics, CPA and their fellows are her favourite words. Since 2009, she lives online!


Michal Shneiderman

Marketing Consultant

With 7 years of experience in digital, Michal has produced outstanding results for top companies internationally. She owns 2 E-shops in Germany and China and teaches “The Secrets of Online Advertising” in colleges & corporations.


Sara Ramasamy

Community Manager

Sara is a Graphic designer who turned into a Digital Marketing enthusiast. She is creative at heart and has big passion for art and... tattoos!


Anne Gachet

Senior Copywriter

Anne is a mission-driven creative who has over 15 years’ experience working in the crazy world of advertising. Her goal is to nurture your brand and spread it like wildfire. She also loves ice-cream at work and has the tendency to bring back home any stray animals.


Justine d'Hotman

Graphic Designer

Graduated from art school, Justine discovered the exciting world of graphic design. She likes putting to test different skills and comes up with SUPER creatives. Dogs are her favorite creatures on earth ☺


Dr Yushna Saddul Falcou


Holder of a PhD in Francophone Literature from the University of Toronto, Yushna is transitioning from a world of fiction to that of digital marketing. She brings along her love of languages and of story telling to tell your story to the world.


Around the World

Professional Affiliates

The online world is a fascinating world. Along our professional path, we've met people with the same passion for this world. They became our partners, affiliates, freelancers & friends.