Sharing Digital Marketing Trends & Insights

We don’t believe in one slogan, but we do stick to –

“We Live. Online.”.

We stick to it because it simply describes our lives in the past 10-15 years.

“Well”, you’d say “everyone is attached to their mobile devices, social networks and emails all the time!”

And it’s true! But…

We loved it so much that it became our job. We could make it our job BECAUSE everyone is connected – living online – all the time!

Being connected almost every second of the day is our life. It’s fun, we’re fascinated by it and we love the fact that the Internet environment changes & challenges all the time.

We accumulated a lot of knowledge in the past 10 years and we want to share it (I.e this blog) with the people around us, where we live, in Mauritius. And as it’s online, outside of it.

Our aim is to be the (online) booster of businesses, which want to know how to “BE” online in a constantly changing world.

What does it mean to BE online as a business?

Being VISIBLE online, to be found IMMEDIATELY when a potential customer is searching for you, to give information about your business to your customers and potential ones, to interact with them, to brand your business, to make it EXIST. ONLINE.

This is in simple words, the meaning of online marketing.

To complete the picture, we also have a rich experience in retail & sales, writing and talking in 2,3 and even 5 languages, we also love Physics (noticed our name?;), books, travel and all things tech.

We love people the most, and together with our love to online, we have the killer combination.

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