3 Things Happened on Facebook Lately that You Should Know About

If you own a Facebook Fan Page and you don’t know yet, here are 3 updates from the last few weeks that you should REALLY know about:

  1. “LIKES” CLEANUP. Facebook believes and acts according to relevancy. As you might agree, one of the definitions for a “relevant” user on Facebook is an active user. Nobody (including Facebook) really knows how many fake profiles exist on Facebook but there’s an understanding that these profiles only damage the platform’s dynamism and authenticity, even if allegedly these users “help” Facebook to increase the total number of Facebook users. As for inactive users, the principal is more or less the same but in this case, Facebook can identify them more easily and therefore “clean” them away from the Facebook for business’s platform. On March 5th Facebook announced a removal process of inactive users’ “LIKES” from pages that ended March 12th. If you saw a decrease in your Facebook page likes count, this is the reason. if you had a small decrease on your page’s number of fans, congrats, your “LIKES” were well targeted! If you had a big decrease, well… On one side, it’s not the best news of the month, but on the other hand, congrats! You got rid of irrelevant users on your page and can now focus on the ones that are really relevant!
Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.30.09 PM

“LIKES” cleanup by Facebook. The “unlikes” appear in red, under the axis.

  1. DYNAMIC PRODUCT ADS. The product ads allow you to present few products, or if you’d like, few pages on your website, in your Facebook ad, which are most relevant to the user looking at it. You can show products/pages that the user were interested in on your website or alternately, products from a similar category. These ads are also dynamic so if a user changes his interests on your website, the ads will be updated as well! This makes the ad most relevant for this specific user in a specific time and increases the chance for a conversion. To do that, you’ll need to add (if you haven’t added already) a remarketing pixel on your website, add your list of products/pages to the business manager on Facebook and create a template for your ads. After that, you just need to run your campaigns! It is relevant for anyone that has a website with a lot of content, whether you’re selling products or services. It can increase greatly the CTR on your Facebook ads, drive more traffic to your website and most important – increase conversions on your website.

Dynamic Product Ads, updated according to your interests on a specific page on the website you visited. Photo taken from Facebook’s Business News website

  1. PAYMENTS ON FACEBOOK THROUGH FACEBOOK MESSENGER. Available only in the US currently (and for Visa and MasterCard credit cards only) but definitely relevant to anyone on Facebook, especially here in Mauritius – Facebook created a very simple way to pay online! All you have to do is go on your messenger, start a conversation with a friend, click the “$” sign and then click “pay”. Our assumption that it is just the first wink towards online payments and maybe very soon we’ll be able to do our online shopping through Facebook!

Did you know that…?

21 minutes. This is the average time spent daily per user on Facebook!

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