4 Tips for a 2015 Winning Marketing Plan

Before you begin planning your marketing budget for 2015, you might want to know what to put emphasis on this year.

The Internet is changing fast and so is the way users consume content. Your publishers change their rules accordingly. You should adjust your marketing plan properly.

Here are the most increasing trends you should take into consideration when building your yearly marketing plan:

1. Video Marketing

Can you try and guess how many websites are online now, as you read this question?

Take a guess. Think about it again.

And now the answer…

More than 1,167,100,000 websites.

By the time you will finish reading this post, there will be few hundreds more, maybe thousands (it depends how fast you read…).

With this amount of websites, you can just take another guess of how much information is going through the web every second.

And in this mass data going through the web, through users’ screens, each business is trying to get their attention and the faster, the better.

Think about yourself for a second, you search for “how to…”. In your search results you will find – an article, a blog post, photos, a slide show and a video, which one will you click?

We assume you will be clicking the video search result. Well, you’re not alone.

Users “digest” information faster, better and easier through videos.

The majority of them will also remember better a video ad rather than any other ad they saw online (banner ad, text ad, etc.).

They will spend more time in your website if you will include videos, they are more likely to come back to your website and of course, they are more likely to SHARE your videos.

Including a video in your blog post, in your newsletter, in your website, will dramatically increase the CTR stats and will result eventually in more driven to sales users.

For 2015, don’t even think twice – allocate a budget for video marketing. It simply works.

Bill Gates taking the Ice bucket challenge, a video challenge which went insanely viral and managed to raise donations of more than 100 Million Dollars to the ALS association (compared to 2.8 million dollars the same period year before).

2. Content Marketing & SEO

The world where only money could buy you a marketing space online is pretty much over. Take for example Facebook’s announcement in November 2014 about their update to the news feed – Facebook will decrease space of promotional ads starting January 2015, unless their algorithms show that specific users care/are interested in a specific page (and that will happen only if a page provides high quality relevant content).

We put content marketing and SEO under the same title although they are usually separate marketing channels because of the bottom line. The bottom line is that relevant content is extremely important for your business’s online marketing. If you want to generate sales/money/ROI, you must provide good content in your marketing channels.

Our recommendation for 2015?

Write a blog (companies that write blogs are expected to receive 67% more leads than the ones that don’t), create segmentation in your database and send relevant content to each segment by email marketing, invest in QUALITY, not quantity.

3. Mobile Marketing

The growth of mobile Internet users in the past year has been so big, that in some of the countries in the world, Internet mobile users exceeded desktop Internet users.

This means only one clear thing – plan your marketing materials to be adjusted to mobile. Not only that it’s obvious your website needs to be responsive but also your newsletters and even the content itself – shorter texts are better for mobile marketing and on the other hand, longer videos are good for mobile marketing (recommended time for video is usually 1-2 minutes whereas mobile users will watch 3-5 minutes).

Cisco Forecasts of Mobile Data Traffic by 2018

Cisco Forecasts of Mobile Data Traffic by 2018

4. Humanization of brands

Social networks are a huge success because of one main simple reason – people come there to interact with OTHER people.

If you want more interaction with PEOPLE online for your business , think how to “humanize” your brand in 2015.

Talk to your clients through the human glasses – humour, laughter, photos, videos, everything that makes us human.

Here’s Quantum Media Mauritius’s Happy New Year video as sent to clients:

We take our job VERY seriously. Ourselves, on the other hand, not that much 🙂

Happy New productive, successful and fulfilling year 2015!

Did you know that…?

EVERY 60 SECONDS, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube!


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