5 Outstanding Digital Campaigns You Must See

Being outside of routine can get you very creative, so before you go on your weekend and get new ideas, here are 5 extraordinary-to-be-inspired-by digital campaigns which if you haven’t yet, MUST see:

Honda – The Civic Type R Campaign

The new Honda civic type R launched lately produced a brilliant digital campaign by the Japanese company. Honda created a “double-sided” story told around Honda cars – the new Civic and the new Civic Type R.

On one side of the story, a dad picks up his daughter from school with his new Civic car. On the other side of the story, well… we won’t spoil it for you but we can say, expect some action.

To switch between the two stories, YOU, yes, YOU, need to press the “R” letter on your keyboard – as many times as you want and at each point of the video. With each “R” pressing, you see the other side of the story, the type R one. If you want to stay on the other side, keep pressing the “R” or else if you want to go back, release it.

This special video can’t be linked directly to this post, but here’s a trailer to the ad:

If you want to see the ad and switch between the stories by yourself, click here to get on Honda’s YouTube page, play the video and rule the story with your “R”.

Oreo – Hack your Snack Campaign

Oreo’s campaign of how to hack their cookie used the Vine – short videos platform (up to 6 seconds) easy to share.

With no sound, short and to the point videos you discover how to hack your Oreo. We all knew that we can dip our Oreo in milk, but have you ever thought about Oreo-ice cubes? Oreo-popcorn? Oreo-Kebab? Oreo mini-deeper? Oreo Coffee?

And another one in case you’re watching a movie tonight:

Samsung – 74 Screens Animated “Holiday Dreams” Story

Samsung created this outstanding ad, which brings a dream to reality, being told over 74 screens, starting a tiny 2 inch screen (watch) to a 65 inch curved TV.

It sounds like a complicated ad to create, but in fact it’s even more complicated than it sounds. Samsung’s team needed to build the dream’s stage itself, coordinate and sync between all screens, movements and cameras on set.

Take a look at behind the scenes video:

KLM Win a Flight to Space Campaign

KLM, the Dutch airline is well known for its outstanding, creative, crazy campaigns and services. KLM keeps up with the changes and trends in the world so fast that it puts to its competitors a very high standard of thinking, creating and executing. One of KLM’s interesting campaigns was the space campaign.

KLM created a worldwide challenge by releasing a high altitude balloon to space and asked people to predict where it will pop. The person predicted it correctly, won a flight to space. To increase viral online buzz, KLM allowed the participants to increase their chances by receiving endorsements through social media from their friends.

If you want to hear the full analysis of this campaign’s success, watch the video to its end:

Always #LikeAGirl Campaign

Without innovative crazy technology “Always” managed to produce one of the top viral campaigns in 2014. Under “Rewrite the Rules” slogan, “Always” created a massive engagement in social media and HUGE buzz online.

Young girls and boys being asked to run/throw/fight/other “like a girl”. It does the same to older boys and girls. When you see the difference, you ask yourself what did we do wrong by making “like a girl” a bad thing, that by the time they’re teenager they lose their confidence so much.

We love “Always” not only for the success of this campaign but also for changing the way people refer to “Like a Girl”. For us, “Like a Girl” mean amazing things. And for you?

Share with us more creative-cool-viral-crazy-interesting-inspiring campaigns in the comments section below!

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