6 Questions You Should Ask About Your Business’s Online Presence

Look around you.

How many people are holding their phones now? How many people are on their laptops/computers? How many people are online right now?

Wherever you are – at work, on the street, shopping, at the cinema, at airports and even on airplanes, most people around you are connected.

If you own a business, whether it is that your clients are people in Mauritius or abroad, your business needs to appear where these people are, which is… online.

Everyone. Everywhere. At all times. Connected.

Everyone. Everywhere. At all times. Connected.

Ask yourself the following questions to be sure your online presence is at its full potential.

  1. If clients search my business on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), do they find it easily?

The fact that we’re living in a world where all the information is few clicks away changed our habits greatly. In a way, it made us, the users, “lazy”, or if you’d like, “time optimizers”. That means, that when we search for something, we expect to find it immediately, and that is also true in regards of your business. If your business’s name is “Quantum Media Mauritius”, and someone is searching for it to get your phone number, or just to check your website as they’re potential clients, they expect it to come up at the top of their search results. If your business doesn’t, they will get annoyed and either continue searching until they find it or will move on to the next thing (or competitor).

"Quantum Media Mauritius" Search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing

“Quantum Media Mauritius” Search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing

  1. If potential clients search the services I offer does my business come up?

Searching online for services/products has long become users’ habit. Whether it is a lawyer, specific clothing brand, flowers and food delivery, or activities for tourists in their destination – users search for it online.

If your business offers boat trips in Mauritius, will your business come up in the South African tourist’s search results for his search “sea activities Mauritius”? And if not, don’t you think it’s a good opportunity (gone wasted) for your business to grow?

Search Results for "Online Marketing" in Google Mauritius, Quantum comes up at the top

Search Results for “Online Marketing” in Google Mauritius, Quantum comes up at the top

  1. Do clients and potential clients “run into” my ads online?

You’ve probably noticed that when you’re reading an article on a website, you see ads (usually in banner forms, but in other forms as well). These ads are divided to two main categories: one, relevant to the content you’re currently reading on the website and second, general ads. If it’s the first case, think how affective this kind of ad can be. A user is reading a recommendations article about cameras and your business, camera shop in Mauritius, appears just next to it. If it’s the second case, let’s assume that you’ve just launched your camera shop and you want people to know about it. Through display advertising you can reach the biggest websites in the countries you operate. In Mauritius that would be websites like lexpress.mu, orange.mu and many more. Either way, these ads leverage the visibility of businesses and increase brand awareness.

  1. Does my audience see my business’s updates on social media?

Facebook has nearly 1.5 billion active users which makes it the largest community in the world. Fact is, that users spend many hours of their time on Social Media. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook), Twitter, Linkedin or others, your targeted audience is there. Further more, 2 million advertisers, businesses like yours are there, and the blunt truth – your competitors are already there. Social media has become the most direct way of communicating with your audience. If you’ll go back in your mind few years back, the “past you” would pay a fortune to get such a direct access to your audience. Your “present you”, if haven’t started yet, should start today 🙂

Direct communication with your audience

Direct communication with your audience

  1. Are my online appearances consistent?

Let’s go back to the camera the user was searching for earlier. As it is a big expense, this user wants to wait a bit.

The user “Liked” your camera shop’s Facebook page but as it one of the most dynamic websites in the world, your business is the last thing on his mind. And yet, If he’ll see an interesting article on his feed from your page, he will click on it. If a beautiful photo taken with one of your cameras shows up, he’ll like it. Maybe share it with his friends. He will start follow your shop week after week and get engaged with your updates. You’re creating trust with a client that hasn’t even bought from you yet, which only means that by the time he’ll get to your shop, he’ll be ready as possible to purchase. Your online presence should be consistent and reliable. If you have a Facebook page, but the last update on it was 3 months ago, you better deactivate it. If you have a website which looks like it was done in the 90s, maybe you should consider revamping it.

  1. What are my business’s online assets and how am I maintaining them?

Does your business have a website? Blog? A Facebook page, Linkedin page, Twitter account? Google+ profile?

It sounds funny but this is an important question you should know the answer to. If you have a neglected back office in your elegant showroom, nobody will know about it unless you take them there. On the other hand, “Online” belongs to everyone with an Internet connection, so a very inactive Facebook page can be found by anyone. It’s important you’ll have full control on your online assets – get rid of the ones you don’t use, nourish and invest in the ones that are active and valuable for your business. Remind yourself that you’ve created these online assets to boost your business up and not the other way around.

Do you need assistance with your online presence? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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