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4 Guidelines + 2 Case Studies For Engaging FB Activities

Since the organic exposure on Facebook decreased significantly (to say the least) and as sponsored ads are one but not the only way to increase exposure to brands, Facebook activities became a common mean to create awareness campaigns.

But like everything in marketing in a disrupted world, to create a successful campaign you need to come up with activities that people care about.… Read More

21 Small Tips to Make Your FB for Business Experience SUPERB

Facebook is, for better or worse, a never-ending changing platform. Almost every day, in our work at Quantum on Facebook, we notice a new feature, button, layout, menu options…

In between the-already-many-hours-you-work, following these changes and discovering new ways of doing cool-time-saving stuff on Facebook is almost impossible, but definitely can improve the life of every Facebook page admin out there.… Read More

Brand Magic Summit 2016 – Online Marketing Behind the Scenes

Less than two months ago we started a magical journey that has come to end just a week ago. It’s the second year Quantum partners to a very special event, the Brand Magic Summit. This summit is unique for so many reasons – the speakers are top world class in the field of branding, the team of Mind Initiatives, organisers of the summit, are real magicians and the whole ambience around it is super fun and super professional at the same time.… Read More

Latest Changes on Facebook that You Must Know About

Unlike traditional advertising channels (newspapers, magazines, TV, etc.), online platforms such as Google and Facebook are constantly making changes in their platforms. As advertisers and frequent users of these platforms, it’s important to keep up.

So 2016 just started and we thought it’s a good time to keep you up to date with some of the new changes and features Facebook has been adding to its platform lately.… Read More

Facebook Published its Year in Review and It’s Everything

Facebook published its year in review and it’s everything – it’s sad and heart breaking, it’s funny and cheerful, it’s future-like and hopeful.

From the Paris terror attacks, Nepal’s earthquakes and Fight against ISIS, through marriage equality, Ahmed’s famous clock and the most controversial dress in the world, Facebook summarizes everything that people cared and talked about in 2015.… Read More

12 Do’s on your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

As Facebook is a social network, used by everyone, including business owners, some of them use their business’s page as they use their personal profile. This is a misguided approach. Facebook users that look at your business page, expect it to give a “formal” however served in a “friendly” way information about your business (further explanation followed).… Read More