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The One Marketing Method That Exploded Lately (and you completely ignored)

January last year, we published an article with recommendations for your 2015 marketing plan. The first recommendation was video marketing.

Since then it became a necessity rather than just a recommendation to include video in your marketing plan.

The One Marketing Method That Exploded Lately (and you completely ignored) (2)

Few online video facts:

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Brand Magic Summit 2016 – Online Marketing Behind the Scenes

Less than two months ago we started a magical journey that has come to end just a week ago. It’s the second year Quantum partners to a very special event, the Brand Magic Summit. This summit is unique for so many reasons – the speakers are top world class in the field of branding, the team of Mind Initiatives, organisers of the summit, are real magicians and the whole ambience around it is super fun and super professional at the same time.… Read More

Email Marketing

You probably don’t need an explanation to what is marketing emails, we assume you receive a few like these to your email every day.

In case you want to be on the safe side – email marketing is the general term for the promotional emails sent by companies/businesses/organizations.… Read More

Online Media Buying

Online media buying is the general term for the purchase of media “real estate”. When buying online media, price and position are main factors.

Looking into the “offline” world, where the media buying started, we see that advertising on newspapers and magazines, billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, these are all media buying real estates.… Read More