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Facebook Published its Year in Review and It's Everything

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Facebook published its year in review and it’s everything - it’s sad and heart breaking, it’s funny and cheerful, it’s future-like and hopeful.

From the Paris terror attacks, Nepal’s earthquakes and Fight against ISIS, through marriage equality, Ahmed’s famous clock and the most controversial dress in the world, Facebook summarizes everything that people cared and talked about in 2015.

Facebook has also shared which places we "checked-in" the most and what we talked about the most according to 8 other categories (athletes, entertainers, politicians, movies, games and TV shows).

On the fun department, most used stickers - you might not know it by its name, “Biscuit in Love”, but we’re sure you know it by its face :-)

Facebook finishes its year in review with a message to the New Year: “Let’s stand together in 2016”. We totally vote for that.

Watch Facebook's 2 minutes Year in Review: