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Vision of Our Tech Future (by Microsoft)

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Posted in Tech

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Touch screens, smart phones, tablets, smart systems and technologies that took over our lives, might have seem to the average person, just a few decades ago, as science fiction.

Being aware of these constant rapid technology changes, can’t keep the urge of wondering how will our future look like, in technology terms, just a few years ahead?

Microsoft is trying to answer this question with a video released every few years, predicting the next few years to come.

In the video released this month (February 2015), Microsoft gives a “sneak peek” into the future, 5-10 years ahead, based on the “hot” trends in technology evolving nowadays. Screens, sensors, wearable technologies, touch and movement-based screens are just a part of the amazing technologies presented in this video.

In the video, follow the daily life and communication of two women, a young marine biologist and a corporate executive.

Watch them appear for a meeting on a fully shared digital black board, with the ability to control it themselves, communicating through live video translated from underwater with children in remote class, syncing their wearable watch, using their shaped-like-a-book tablet, changing their work space in a finger movement and many many more.

We don’t know how the future will look like exactly, but we know that we definitely can’t wait.

Did you know that...?

By 2020, more than 26,000,000,000 (26 billion) devices will be associated with THE INTERNET OF THINGS.