Facebook advertising is one of the most effective methods for reaching customers online. It produces excellent ROI compared to other advertising channels and is a must-have for successful online marketing for both small, local businesses and large corporations.

Our Facebook Ads Manager training course (intermediate/ advanced level) equipes businesses with the technical know-how to to leverage advanced Facebook advertising features. Learn the ins and outs of Facebook Ads Manager and how to create winning advertising campaigns.

This course is best suited to business owners or digital marketing professionals who want to take their Facebook marketing to the next level. Prior knowledge of Facebook is required. For beginners, we recommend our Facebook for Business course.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Navigate Facebook’s advertising platforms & tools
  • Understand different campaign types and when to use them
  • Create campaigns with different ad sets, ad types & audience targeting
  • Create remarketing/ retargeting campaigns
  • Optimise Facebook campaigns
  • Understand which ads - type, copy, design - work
  • Analyse and report on campaigns


When and Where?

Stay tuned
for the next date and location!

How Much?

The investment for the one day training is Rs 9,900 only AND it is MQA approved!

Up to 70% HRDC refund (conditions apply).

The Trainer

Chen Hindi's online marketing expertise and hands-on work at managing 70+ FB pages, including Mauritian businesses' FB pages, allow her to be 'in the shoes' of any business owner and provide insightful advice and perspectives for growth.


Registration & Coffee

Good Morning and Nice to Meet You!

General Overview

The different Ads Platform tools
Sponsored campaigns in Mauritius
Campaign types

Tea/Coffee Break

Build winning campaigns

Create smart campaigns on FB - from A to Z
Using Ad Sets
The different Ad Types
Targeting options
Estimate and choose your audiences

Lunch Break

Advanced tools, Do's and Don'ts

Remarketing on Facebook
Custom, Lookalike and Saved audiences
Ad Don'ts
Ad Do's

Tea/Coffee Break

Analysis, Optimisation and Examples

Reports and analysis
Campaign optimization
The good, the bad and the ugly - Ad examples



Are you MQA approved?
Our Facebook Ads course is MQA approved. The trainer, Chen Hindi, is an MQA certified trainer in the field of digital marketing.

How much does it cost?
The investment for the course is Rs 9,900 only. Furthermore, up to 70% HRDC refund is available (conditions apply).

How long is the course?
The training course is conducted over a single day. For a full breakdown of the day, please refer to the training agenda above.

How many people in a course?
The training groups are usually between 25 and 30 people to ensure a high level of engagement and interaction.

Past Trainings

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