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2 online marketing methods that were relevant in 1998 and will still be in 2018

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Every January, we all (marketers) enjoy doing it - predict new exciting marketing methods that will emerge in our lives in the upcoming year.

We decided to take a different approach this year and talk about “old” online marketing methods that existed in 1998  that will still work in 2018.

We did that for one main reason: there are so many platforms for one business to market through today that in reality, most businesses can’t keep up.

So here are two, not new at all, super effective marketing methods that you should invest more time on in 2018.

digital marketing email marketing remarketing

Also, find out why we cheated a bit in this ↑ headline further in the article.

Email Marketing

Not only email was created before the Internet itself and long before 1998 but also the first email marketing was sent in 1978, much before any of us had access to Internet, email, not to mention a personal computer or smartphone. And yet, yes, although open rates and click rates averages decreased dramatically, Email marketing is still (very!) relevant.

Why email marketing still works + the hooks

From a user’s perspective in receiving your email, you need to think of hooks. The first hook is the subject line – by far the most important marketing line to think about here. That’s because once a person opened your email – you have their undivided, exclusive attention. Let us say this again – on their screen, the only thing they see now is YOUR content.

Think how rare it is in an age of crowded feeds, busy websites and long search results pages.

email marketing undivided attention of usersEmail marketing enables rare undivided exclusive attention of users

Once a user opens your email, you have a small time window to keep their attention via the first lines of your email. That’s the next hook. If you offer a solution to a pain point they are dealing with or share something you know they will care about (You know your audience best!) or offer them an attractive deal you still haven’t lost them and given your Call to Action (CTA), they will follow.

Whether it’s “call us now for more info”, “reply to this email to hear more about this exciting offer” or “Find out the answer here”, the CTA is a not-to-be-skipped element in your email.

Keep in mind that Email is, in most cases, a way to bringing clients and potential ones to the end desired result.

Finally, we recommend the creation of email marketing campaigns only for email lists you built and that belong to you.


Alright, it’s time to admit that we cheated a bit naming this article.

Before we elaborate about that, we’ll just remind you that remarketing or retargeting simply means showing ads to people who have already visited your online assets, website for example (but not only. Also apps, Facebook page via custom audiences and others).

The screenshot shows banners that belong to a Google remarketing campaign

Now, while Email goes 5 decades back, retargeting goes back only 2 decades. In fact, DoubleClick made the first known use of retargeting exactly 20 years ago (so we didn’t completely lie!) but as you can imagine, it didn’t penetrate businesses’ marketing plans immediately.

That’s why it’s hard to say that remarketing was broadly and effectively used for the past two decades. Even Google opened its platform for remarketing on Google AdWords only in 2010.

Since remarketing became familiar to marketers and as there’s vast information to which an average user is exposed, remarketing is proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve performance in your online campaigns.

Few will get annoyed but remarketing will still work

We wrote a comprehensive article about remarketing before, including why it's such an effective method so here are just a few short highlights about it:

  • Remarketing is a concept that travels among platforms. Meaning – you can create remarketing campaigns on (almost) any platform and campaign type. Whether it’s Google (display AND search), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or others, use it to its full potential.
Remarketing captures only the people who visited your assets
  • Don’t listen to one person’s opinion. Few people will get annoyed with the recurring ads. That’s a fact. Having said that, you can’t build your marketing strategy based on a few people who told you they’re “over seeing” your ads. Remarketing genuinely builds credibility among your audiences, brings them back to your assets and eventually increases conversions.
  • Use remarketing wisely. Don’t run your ads on all audiences, all the time if it’s not needed. For example, you can choose to show your ads to people who visited your website only in the last 7 days or you can set a cap to the frequency of the ads’ appearances. We recommend to change the visuals every once in a while and in general, adjust the messaging based on the fact that these audiences already showed interest in your business.
  • Start today. Finally, one of the best things you can do with remarketing is to start now. In fact, you can start 540 days or 180 days backwards if you ask Google and Facebook (respectively). What does that mean? That even if you plan on doing a campaign at the end of 2018, you can start building your audience today! All you need to do is generate and implement the tags, create a relevant audience (for example, people who visited your website in the last 6 months) and when you’re ready in 2,3 or 10 months, create your campaign and show ads to these audiences.

Bring it on 2018

If you don’t have a solid email marketing strategy or remarketing campaigns on one, two or all the online platforms you work on, 2018 is definitely the time to start