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How many users are on...?

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

It's always a wise choice to know your space.

Here are user statistics about some of the biggest communities out there to give you a sense of the scale and reach potential in terms of monthly and daily users, around the world and in Mauritius.

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In February 2024, Facebook announced 3.065 billion monthly active users.

69% percent of this audience, meaning 2.11 billion are using the platform daily. Facebook is indeed still the largest social media in the world.

facebook users announced february 2024.png

In Mauritius as of March 2024, across all Facebook platforms, including Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network you can reach more than 904,000 registered users.  On Facebook only the number is slightly lower, around 800,000 profiles.

Keep in mind that there is, although low, percentage of fake profiles.

meta users mauritius march 2024.png

facebook users in mauritius march 2024 .png


YouTube is massive all-things-video, there's no doubt about that. So massive that they don't even report users anymore (in the billions), but rather, rather TV views, which as of March 2024 is over a billion of daily hours and as for YouTube shorts it's at 70 billion daily views.

YouTube views on TV march 2024.png

Youtube shorts views march 2024.png


In Mauritius as of March 2024, you can reach an estimated 878,000 users via the Google Ads platform, which is where you would create your Search, Display and Video campaigns for Google's ecosystem. 

Google users in Mauritius.png


Also owned by Meta (previously Facebook Inc.), as of March 2024, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion monthly active users.

WhatsApp for Business is where you can communicate with customers, and with some significant changes like searching local businesses within the app, this is a great tool for organisations.

Facebook Messenger

We’ve already written here about the power of instant messaging and mentioned how Facebook separated Messenger from Facebook into two different apps.

That paid off.

As of March 2024 there are 1.3 billion monthly active users on Messenger.

messenger users.png

In Mauritius as of March 2024 you can reach around 600,000 users on Messenger.

Messenger users in mauritius march 2024.png


Instagram, also owned by Meta (previously Facebook Inc.) has more than 2 billion Monthly Active Users.

In Mauritius as of March 2024 there are around 380,000 Instagram profiles.

instagram users in mauritius 2024.png


As of March 2024 LinkedIn has more than 1 billion professionals on the network. It's not known, however, how many of them are active. In 2016 LinkedIn mentioned users' activity however its wasn’t so positive. Only 23% of the total registered users were active. Now, by all means we don’t underestimate that number (back then it was 106 million) and we also assume this 23% grew to a higher percentage and yet, it seems that in comparison to the other large networks, LinkedIn is behind.

linkedin users march 2024.png

In Mauritius as of March 2024 more than 480,000 professionals are registered to LinkedIn.

linkedin users in mauritius march 2024.png

X (previously Twitter)

528.3 million monthly motetizable active users – that’s the last update from X (Twitter).

x (twitter) users march 2024.png

After a while that we've been trying to find official statistics of users on Twitter in Mauritius and these weren't available, it finally appeared on Twitter's Ads platform. It is more than 96,000 as of March 2024.

twitter users in mauritius march 2024.png

TikTok (formerly known as

Still scratching your head because you’re not sure what TikTok is? That means you don’t read our blog enough  In its last formal update TikTok said it has 1 billion MAUs and it was the fastest platform to achieve this milestone.


If your target audience is American women among others and haven’t used Pinterest yet, we hope this will be your wake up call. With an impressive conversion rates on the platform, Pinterest announced 498 million users on the platform in February 2024.

On Pinterest as of March 2024 there are 34 countries you can target. We couldn't find any reliable information about users stats in Mauritius but we assume that it's one order of magnitude lower than Twitter.

Snap (AKA Snapchat)

As announced on February 2024 Snap has 414 million daily active users.

snapchat snap users february 2024.png

Other online platforms that might interest you are:

  • Telegram, the WhatsApp like app has more than 900 million monthly active users.
  • Quora, the question-and-answer massive website (that you should really pay attention to!) brings 400 million daibly users.
  • Medium, the online publishing platform brings over 100 million readers.
  • Reddit, the social news platform where you can share, vote and discuss, hosts 70M+  daily active users around the world.
  • Tumblr, the micro-blogging and social network owned by Yahoo! declaers 135 million monthly active users, 69% daily active users on mobile and 31% daily active users on desktop.
  • Google+, Google's attempt to build a social network that will compete with Facebook had a surprising number of a few hundreds of millions registered users. Not so surprising when you realize that Google automatically created profiles for users who signed up to other services it offers (Gmail, YouTube, etc). Either way, this wasn't enough and Google announced in January 2019 that it is shutting down Google+ (so yeah, remove that logo from your footer...).


Chinese websites are completely in the run for the above vast numbers. And similarly to outside of China, the 3 largest communities online - are owned by the same company (Meta, previously Facebook Inc. and Tencent Holdings Ltd respectively).

WeChat – not only instant messaging but far beyond, WeChat’s community consists of more than 1.3 billion monthly active users.

QQ – owned by the same company as WeChat, QQ is a similar in concept instant messaging app that serves over 570 million mobile monthly active users.

QZone – largest social network in China with more than 600 million MAUs.

The numbers above are taken from Tencent Holding’s website and are as of 2023.

SinaWeiba – a micro-blogging social network (Twitter alike) with 598 million monthly active users as announced on March 2024.

Baidu – aggregator of more than a dozen apps, Baidu is the home of more than 667 million monthly active users as of 2024.

Douyin, TikTok in China, has more than 750 million monthly active users as of 2024 and KuaiShou, the video sharing plaftform has 366 million DAUs and 640 million MAUs.

And some (last!) others that might interest you to know about:

One other community that is worth mentioning is an instant messaging app (no coincidence here, read all about it in this article):

LINE has more than 200 million MAUs.

In Russia and its surroundings, the two websites you should know are VK, a large ecosystem, which only on its social network has over 100 million monthly users and Yandex which is not only the largest search engine in the area but also, similarly to Google, offers many other related Internet services that create vast communities around it.

At the tip of your fingers

Your head might spin with the numbers and their size however we suggest to take the contrary approach, if anything, this proves that any brand today can reach dozens and hundreds of millions of people around the world in so many different ways. And that, without a doubt, creates unprecedented opportunities for businesses.