When and Where?

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How Much?

The investment for the one day training is Rs 5,000 only

The Trainer

Chen Hindi's online marketing expertise, gained since 2009 and her hands-on work at managing dozens of dozens of email marketing campaigns, allow her to be 'in the shoes' of any business owner and provide insightful advice and perspectives for growth.


Registration & Coffee

Good Morning and Nice to Meet You!

Email Marketing Fundamentals

How to move the hook - sender, subject line, preview
How to create email content that people care about

Build and grow your database

Analysis of your results
Email Do’s & Don’ts

Summary & Q&A


How much does it cost?
The investment for the course is Rs 5,000 only.

How long is the course?
The training course is conducted over a half day. For a full breakdown of the day, please refer to the training agenda above.

How many people in a course?
The training groups are usually between 25 and 30 people to ensure a high level of engagement and interaction.

Past Trainings

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