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10 Useful Links for FB Marketers - from Facebook Itself

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Facebook is not only the biggest social network in the world but also controls, together with Google, the digital marketing sphere.

As a marketer on Facebook’s massive platform, there’s a lot of information and details to keep up with. However, sometimes the feeling is that there’s too much information. So in this article we tried to put the most useful links that we think any Facebook marketer should know and that are coming from Facebook, the company itself.


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  1. Facebook page guidelines

    Many people are not aware to the fact that Facebook has its own guidelines about what you’re allowed and not allowed to do on the platform as a page. For example, did you know that you’re NOT allowed to run competitions with a request from the users to share on their/their friends' timeline? We suggest you get familiar with the Facebook page guidelines - there’s no reason to risk your page, which you put so much effort in.
FB's guidelines dictate you're not allowed to request users to share your post/page on their (or their friends') timelines as well as tag someone as a condition to participate a competition. FB's guidelines dictate you're not allowed to request users to share your post/page on their (or their friends') timelines as well as tag someone as a condition to participate a competition.

  1. Facebook ad policies.

    Did it happen to you that your ad wasn’t approved and you had no idea why? Well, Facebook doesn’t only have page guidelines but also policies for what you’re allowed (or not) to say/do in your ads and what kind of content can be approved on the platform. Save yourself a LOT of time of re-writing/re-designing/re-uploading/all the above by knowing the ads policies.
  1. Facebook’s ads library.

    The ads library allows you to see what any organisation in the world on Facebook and Instagram is doing in terms of paid ads on Meta's ecosystem. You can use it to get inspiration from other pages as well as see which ads your competitors are running. Bonus tip: if you check the same page periodically and notice specific ads that are running over time, pay attention to these as it's most likely an indication that these ads work well for the brand.
  2. You can also use the campaign ideas generator where you can choose an industry and specific holiday of the year to get inspiration for your ads.

  1. Facebook debugger.

    You can find many interesting things under Facebook’s developers website (like page plugin for your website, sign up for Audience network - the “GDN of Facebook” or Facebook start, an international program dedicated to assist startups build and grow their business) however to keep things simple, one of the first tools to use is the Facebook debugger. This tool will retrieves information about your website for example how links - your website if you'd like - will look when sharing it on Facebook, Facebook’s messenger and so on. Start Debugging here.

  1. Facebook newsroom, Facebook Business news and Facebook Media.

    We could list dozens of blogs you can follow to get the latest news from Facebook and they will all be great. However, getting the information from the source is usually the best way to go. On Facebook's business news you’ll be able to find the latest business updates, success stories and more, all relevant to businesses. On Facebook’s newsroom you’ll be able to find the most updated general news - announcements of new features, updates about messenger as well as updates to the feed's algorithms. If you want to read about new ways public figures and media organizations use Facebook, visit the Facebook media page.
Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 7.06.00 PM Facebook's newsroom. Stay in the know about FB's new features, latest updates and more.

  1. Facebook IQ.

    If you want to open your mind as a marketer in general and not only as a Facebook marketer, Facebook IQ is THE place for you. Read about interesting insights - classified to people, industries and more. Understand PEOPLE across countries and ages, using different devices with different intentions. And the best part? It’s the only source in this article where you can subscribe for email updates! Check and subscribe to Facebook IQ here.

  1. Facebook’s Ads Guide

    You know how you’re never sure about the right dimension for different ads and devices, max length of titles, visibility on mobile vs. Desktop vs. others? Well, there’s a very simple link that solves all your dimensions and other questions-about-how-my-post-should-be-created-in-the-first-place: meet Facebook’s ads guide. Another resource that will save you time is the Facebook Creative Hub where you can mock up and preview your Facebook and Instagram ads.
As a page, there are ad guidelines you must keep. (from 1 to 3 - a notification you don't want to get, one you REALLY don't want to get and one you very happy to get) In the Meta ads guide you will find the recommended dimensions, text length, aspect ratios and other specs, per type of ad and placement on the Meta ecosystem.

  1. Audience insights.

    Whether you want to learn about your followers, other pages’ followers or about new audiences in markets you want to promote your business – audience insights will provide more information than you can imagine available to you. Visit the Audience Insights and start exploring.

  1. Facebook’s help center.

    In case you need to ask a question, understand better specific features or options for Facebook for Business (or general about Facebook), the help center is really… well - helpful
Facebook's help center Facebook's help center. Answers to many of your questions (but definitely not all!).

  1. Contact Facebook.

    In case you didn’t find an answer to your question on the help center, this is the link where we are usually able to get a hold of someone (unfortunately not 100% of the time as the “contact us” box doesn’t always appear. Instead, we reach a help center…). And if you’re the lucky one to be included in "Facebook Marketing Experts Advice", bravo! You’re privileged!

Bonus sources: if you'd like to explore what is Facebook working on, visit Facebook's research site in this link. Last one and  just for fun (kind of) because it has nothing to do with your business… in this link you can find out how many requests for reports about users Facebook receives from governments around the world, per country. Let us know which is the most spying country you found .

Do you know other Facebook sources that will help Facebook marketers?

Please do share with us in the comments section below!