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11 free sources of Power Words all copywriters should have in their bible



‘Words have power.’ This quote has been used and overused by many, yet, it still makes perfect sense when explaining how words work on online marketing platforms. If you want to make someone stop in front of your ads, use power words, they are the real bread and butter of all copywriters. They can be used to instill trust, trigger curiosity, convince or even soften the most callous hearts.

So… where to hunt them? Here are some trustworthy sources of power words that you can use in all types of copy.



WordsStream is to copywriters as Pinterest is to decor addicts. The website provides you with free power words and other marketing tools that you may need. Serving around 300k of businesses worldwide in the advertising field, you can find a keyword generator and a list of 273 power words for your marketing needs. It's free, so indulge!


Here is a source of power words that will help you to deliver results. The language used is fun, simple and super interactive. You will never be bored!


Sumo will help you generate viral posts and blogs. It has a massive lift of 401+ power words to create epic headlines.

Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger can be considered as the guru of copywriters and bloggers. It is one of the largest websites dedicated to writing and blogging. This article contains more than 800 Power Words, so enjoy!

The Creative Copywriter

Overcome your ‘writer’s block’ with The Creative Copywriter’s list of words that have a proven track record in marketing and advertising. It is a great website for creative brains. You’ll find courses and tips to become what we call an ‘out of the box’ thinker. Are you ready to unleash your creativity?

Hello Bar

Hello Bar has a great article on power words for many types of copies, including pop-ups, landing pages, A/B tests, and more! We believe that you might go crazy right now, but hold on, there are more…


Are you willing to know what power words were used by the legendary David Ogilvy, AKA “The Father of Advertising”? Go read SocialBee’s article! You’ll learn about the most influential magical words used in history to persuade. It’s a must read!

Nikola Roza

Looking for power words for every emotion? Renowned content marketer and SEO website is your place to hunt! As psychology and human behaviour are intricately linked to copywriting, we believe that using power words that trigger emotional responses is a great way to create more engagement.

Better Marketing

Have you heard about the three magic words that convince? Here’s an article that will make you understand the usage of the words ‘because’, ‘you’ and ‘new’. It may sound trivial, but wait until you read the article, the psychology behind is mind-blowing!

Copywrite Matters

Here’s another interesting copywriter’s bible for power words that sell. Founded by professional marketing copywriter, Belinda Weaver, the website will guide you through your journey to improving your writing. Her blogs are fun, hilarious and smart, like a perfect piece of copywriting.

This is a website that will help you deal with your boring and mundane ads. The marketing tools that offers are used by millions worldwide. Have fun!

Are you equipped to give your copies more punch now?

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