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21 Small Tips to Make Your FB for Business Experience SUPERB

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Facebook is, for better or worse, a never-ending changing platform. Almost every day, in our work at Quantum on Facebook, we notice a new feature, button, layout, menu options...

In between the-already-many-hours-you-work, following these changes and discovering new ways of doing cool-time-saving stuff on Facebook is almost impossible, but definitely can improve the life of every Facebook page admin out there.

21 Small Tips to Make Your FB for Business Experience SUPERB

So we decided to write this simple quick tips guide to help you out! And added awesome screen casts to show you exactly the HOW-TO so you won't have to waste time!

Without any further introduction, here are our tips:

1.When uploading a post with a link, you don’t have to keep the ugly-long-redundant link in your post! Simply let it load and then delete the link. The users will access your link by clicking the photo/article title/description.

2.You can change link’s title and description. Click on the link/description and you can now edit the text on it.

3.To tag your page or other pages simply hit “@” and then start typing the page’s name. The name should appear automatically. Make sure you’re tagging the right page!

4.If typing the name doesn’t work for you or you can’t find the right page, try to type the page's name like this: @FACEBOOK_PAGE_USER_NAME. This should bring up the only one relevant result!

5.To tag users, (recommended mostly for comments and replies) do the same and if you’d like to refer to a user only in one of their names, say their first name, simply hit “Backspace”, that will delete their last name but will still keep their first name tagged!

6.When you post a link to your website, photos from the page you linked to are uploaded automatically. You can change them by adding new photos and “unchecking” the photos you’re not interested in.

7.Not only you can change one photo that is loaded, you can also create a carousel of photos by uploading more photos.

8.For each photo on your carousel, you can determine a different link. Simply click the link sign on each photo and insert the links you’d like.

9.If there’s a specific post you’d like to get the link for, right click on the published time of the post and hit “copy link address”, you can now paste it anywhere you want!

10.You can search a post on your page (or other pages) by navigating to the search bar on the left below the cover photo.

11.To login in as your page on Facebook and see the pages’ feed you follow, type in the address bar’S_USER_NAME.

12.You can share a specific post in various ways, one of them is as a chosen page you manage on another (different) page.

13.Instead of copy-paste your reply to private messages sent to your page, you can simply save replies and in two clicks answer the repetitive questions on your page.

14.You can backdate posts to a time in the past (but not to a date prior to the creation date of your page) and you can also schedule posts to a time in the future (for next week for example).

15.Verification of your page (adding the blue badge next to your business’s name) is possible through this link.

16.If you want your users to always see your posts, ask them to choose “See first” when hovering the Like button on your cover photo.

17.When browsing to a brand’s Facebook page, you can switch to a different local version (different country) of the same page.

18.You can organically increase the amount of likes on your page by inviting all the people who liked your posts to like the page! Note that the users will receive a notification from the page’s name, not your personal profile!

19.Control the notifications you receive from your page through the settings:

20.When you want to like/share/comment on your own post as YOU (your personal profile), switch here:

21.Sometimes, it seems impossible to contact Facebook for business’s teams so here’s a link to their so-hard-to-find contact us page

Enjoyed our guide? Would you like to receive a similar guide that will be all about the sponsored aspects of Facebook? Have your own winning tips?

Great! Share with us in the comments section below!