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3 Video Talks That'll Make You Think Differently About Marketing

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

The task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees." Erwin Schrödinger, one of Quantum Mechanics Founders

The combination of the three video talks in this article is quite unusual, mainly because the speakers come from such different fields, as you’ll discover further on. The mutual thing is that they all bring an interesting perspective to how we think about marketing.

From $3M to $60M in Five Years Window

For those of you who don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, you can thank us later. He grew his dad’s wine business from $3M to $60M in five years window, but that’s not even the interesting part. What’s interesting is that he did that using Google AdWords, “which came around” in 1999 and for 9 months paid 5 Cents (in the US) for the keyword “wine” before someone bid him up. He never stopped working - he’s a serial entrepreneur, investor and the CEO of his very own successful media company.

Why Smart People Like Curly Fries

Jennifer Golbeck is a computer scientist who develops ways to predict people’s behavior by analyzing the huge amount of information we provide freely about ourselves through Social Media. As she puts it in her own words “we have behavioral preference demographics data on hundreds of millions of people which is unprecedented in history”.

Fun fact is, the talk was given in October 2013, when Facebook had 1.2 Billion users. Since then, Facebook’s community added "only" 300 million users more

Our Intuition is Deceiving Us Consistently and There's Nothing We Can Do About It 

Professor Dan Ariely is exploring and teaching a study area called Psychology and Behavioral Economics. Professor Ariely is not in the marketing business but his findings are powerful tools for any marketer/sales manager out there. One thing for sure, if you don't know Dan Ariely and his work, you will not be able to stop thinking about this talk.

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