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Brand Magic Summit 2016 - Online Marketing Behind the Scenes

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Less than two months ago we started a magical journey that has come to end just a week ago. It’s the second year Quantum partners to a very special event, the Brand Magic Summit. This summit is unique for so many reasons – the speakers are top world class in the field of branding, the team of Mind Initiatives, organisers of the summit, are real magicians and the whole ambience around it is super fun and super professional at the same time.

We wanted to share with you the behind-the-scenes of Quantum's online marketing for the summit due to two main reasons – one, because many people ask us about it and second, because it's an interesting case study on how (in this time frame) to bring an event of that size and level to life, online . Another interesting angle is how to manage the online aspects during the event, i.e. “live”.

So what is it that we did there?

Before the summit

Search campaign: Google – we’ve written here several times on why Google is important for (almost) any business. And we walk our talk. For the summit, we’ve created a Search campaign that triggered ads of any related search phrase, like “business summit”, “advertising event”, “marketing convention 2016” as well as variations of the name “Brand Magic Summit”. 

Any search phrase related to the summit and its subject triggered our ads
Any search phrase related to the summit's name itself triggered the ads as well

Display campaign: Google – the display campaign helped us to increase awareness about the summit. Users saw the summit’s banners on websites associated with interests of business and communication. So while they were browsing, they “ran into” the summit’s ads. One more thing was an A/B test we ran on two types of designs we received. In a day or two it was clear which design was performing better and we changed the settings of the campaign accordingly.

Social Media: Facebook - Facebook was actually the first media platform the summit has ever appeared (including offline media platforms). Last year, in an even shorter time window, with no website, artworks and any publication, we created the page, engaging content for it and sponsored campaigns to kick off. The rest followed later.

This year, with the website up and running, broad traditional advertising campaigns and big media coverage, the main goal of the Facebook page was to drive potential participants to the website (and subscribe, eventually), inform of special group discounts, other special announcements (the Brand Book, the Top 10 Mauritian Brands), give acknowledgment to all sponsors and partners and in general, to create a buzz in relevant audiences around it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 3.36.37 PMThe main goal of the Facebook page was to drive potential participants to the website
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 5.34.51 PM

The day of the summit or how did one post created immediate 10,000 engagements?

On the day of the summit, the main goal was to find the right balance between offline and online without interrupting the actual summit.

On Facebook, we uploaded live updates, however the strategy with Facebook was not to “live blog” as we did exactly that on Twitter (will be discussed further). The goal was to use Facebook’s features to increase engagement “on the spot”. Below are two examples.

One of these features was LIVE VIDEO. We went live 7 times on the day of the summit – on the first live video we showed the crowd during the morning of the summit, the next videos were live interviews with the speakers right after they finished their talk and finally, we broadcasted live the Top 10 Brands Awards ceremony.

Live interviews with the speakers, after they finished their talk
AAA_3726 Live video Carla Interview with the speakers, version of "the other side" Photo credit: Focus Digital Photography

An anecdote from behind the scenes was that we knew about live video on Facebook much before but the issue was that this option opened gradually (like all new features on Facebook) and at that point, didn’t open on our pages. We started a correspondence with Facebook’s team asking to open it and it was only the night before the summit that Live video was opened for everyone on Facebook. The result was that Quantum was the first one to ever broadcast live on Facebook in Mauritius via the Brand Magic Summit’s page.

The first ever live Facebook video in Mauritius The first ever live Facebook video in Mauritius

Another thing we did was to upload the “Red Carpet” photo album with nearly 150 photos of participants taken in the morning of the summit. We asked Mr. Ravin Lama, the Managing Director of Mind Initiatives (Organisers of the summit) to announce on stage that the Red Carpet photo album was uploaded and asked the participants to tag themselves. This one post of photo album created more than 10,000 immediate engagements as you can see in the screen shot below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 5.51.38 PM

And on the Twitter side of things... let’s start with an honest fact: Twitter is not the most popular social network in Mauritius. However, the whole point of being social is to adapt quickly and as Twitter is the perfect platform to live “broadcast”, we decided to live tweet the summit.

Why is it the perfect platform you ask?

Twitter’s limitation in this case is its biggest advantage – the limited 140 characters tweets are the easiest and fastest way to send accurate messages.

We tweeted nearly 150 times on the day of the summit and that enabled anyone that is not participating in the summit to feel a part of it (and to be sorry they’re not there ).

You can actually now, view the feed (even if you don’t have a Twitter account) on the summit’s Twitter account.

Engagments with the summit's Twitter accountEngagments with the summit's Twitter account


We’ve said it before, and here it is again - in a noisy world like today's world, quantity can’t replace quality.

In this case: be relevant, create engagement and adapt quickly.

Although there were other things we wanted to include in the marketing plan (like more video, video, video!) we think we managed to accomplish these three objectives for the Brand Magic Summit 2016 and we can’t wait to see how the online world will look like in next year's edition.

beforeJust before the summit started... Photo credit: Focus Digital Photography
During the summit...During the summit... Photo credit: Focus Digital Photography
And after! At the cocktail with Anand Tilak from Facebook inc.And after! At the cocktail with Anand Tilak from Facebook inc.

Have any question about the online marketing we did for the summit? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Oh and by the way - we recommend you do not miss the Brand Magic Summit 2017. We'll be there and so should you