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10 FB for Business pages you should check out

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

The bad news

It might sound shocking but it’s not such an easy task to find Facebook pages that marketers and business owners can learn from.

To start with, some of the most engaging Facebook pages are funny pages or sarcastic pages that don’t sell anything. Then, those who do are inconsistent – sometimes they post 3 times a week, sometimes they post once a month and finally even when they do post, the content that is posted on the page is not good enough, not being promoted in sponsored campaigns* or both!

*Perhaps sponsored campaigns are running in the back but the visible posts on the page – nope.

Don’t believe us? Here are some examples:

Although Tic Tac, Nutella and Perrier* are creating great ads, the engagement on their page – not so great to say the least.

*Note that the above examples are global pages. Per region of each brand (for example – Nutella India), might be that these brands are doing a good job. A clear example for a global page that isn’t maintained is McDonalds that posted in August 2017 – a year ago – its last update.

Starbuck is posting hardly in the pace we would expect a global brand will, for example, in July 2018 only 2 posts were published on the page.

Zappos, Lyft, iTunes, Nike and not even marketing related companies like Kissmetrics, Sprout Social and VaynerMedia seem to have all of the ingredients: 1) consistency 2) great content and 3) sponsored campaigns that promote the content and create engagement.

At times it seems that Facebook is a cemetery to many of the 65 million pages that exist on it.

Great facebook for business pages to learn from

The good news

Hey, we’re not all looking-at-the-half-empty-glass kind of people. Of course that there are some great examples for Facebook pages that are doing all 3 above, and doing it excellently. Here are some of them!

1. World Economic Forum

This page is at the top of our list because it takes subjects that are not main interest to the average person and makes it interesting and engaging. Not only that, the page’s content is consistent has a healthy mix of videos, links, images. Two things that the page’s managers can improve is using the right dimensions for all posts (especially for link ads – hey there, if you’re reading this WEF - it’s 1200X628) and second is answering the engagements on their page – when people comment, it’s important to not only respect them with a reply (especially if they’re asking something!) but also to engage back with them and increase the page’s exposure.

2. KLM

The royal Dutch airlines have a brilliant marketing team. Not only they adopt new features in the speed of light (KLM Messenger and KLM WhatsApp for example) and do a great job on Facebook but also outside of it!

3. Jack Daniel’s

What we love most about this page, aside from the fact it creates content that engages people, is that the team behind it perfected the tone of voice of the brand into the social environment of Facebook.

Jack Daniel's Facebook page

4.Red Bull

Red Bull hardly ever advertises their product but rather the life style around it. Cool videos, fun posts, much engagement and so much more – all to be found on Red Bull’s page!

5. Harley-Davidson

On the Harley Davidson page you will find not only a shop section that you can check out on their website through, but also many videos (including 360!) and loyal fans that makes you want to be (literally) a part of the journey.


We know what you’re thinking now – “it’s not a fair game – they have the coolest product in the world”. Technically you’re right, but having said that and as we mentioned in the first part of this blog post, there are SO many pages out there, government or not, selling cool products or not that really don’t take the time and invest in their Facebook marketing. Visit NASA’s Facebook page and see for yourself how they’re different!

7. Tony Robbins

His posts are not always well designed and in the proper dimensions but Tony Robbins’, one of the most famous American life coach, page is definitely a source for learning how to leverage Facebook to promote your business. Content is posted consistently – mostly promoting new articles on the website and events going on, the messages are strong and people engage big time.

8. National Guard

Brilliant community management, moving stories about people, powerful images (again - mainly of people!) and a lot of recruitment related posts, makes the National Gurad an engaging, fun and interesting page.

9. Sony

Many videos posted frequently, amazing visuals, good engagement and presence of the brand in the comments section consistently makes Sony a recommended page to follow and learn from!

10. UPS dogs

Dogs are the cutest, we know! UPS created – believe it or not – a page for the dogs that its delivery staff meets every day on the road and the result is absolutely amazing. More than anything, it makes UPS human on a platform that is defined as social-for-people.

Now the stage is yours - which great (and by great keep in mind the "ingredients" mentioned in the beginning of this post!) FB pages do you know? Please do share with us in the comments below!