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  • [How to] Write Facebook ads that engage

    Posted in Copywriting: Top Tips & Guides By copywriter on the 26.09.2018

    Facebook is home to 1.8 billion daily active users (as of April 2021), from CEOs, companies to students and housewives who scroll through it on a daily basis and for some even on an hourly basis. Much is said about this social media platform which encompasses all demographics, touching the lives of all the layers of society. Over time, or rather, in no time, Facebook has undoubtedly become the King Kong of social media and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. This exponential growth has turned it into a lifestyle, to such an extent that for millions of people, Facebook is ‘THE’ internet. Joke aside but for some, moving houses would seemingly be less dramatic than moving away from Facebook! And we know who they are!

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  • Copywriters - who are we?

    Posted in Copywriting: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 17.08.2018

    In the great world of advertising and communication,  it seems that there has always been a little confusion about what exactly is a copywriter. A copywriter is not a writer. We don’t write prose, poems or novels. We must get used to having no ego, (or very little), writing for others and getting hardly any recognition for our work. No, “copywriter” doesn’t mean we “copy” what writers write. And for those who are still in the dark about what we do, it has nothing to do with copyright law either. So…What does a copywriter do? We write marketing content, among a lot of other things. We obviously write but we also do research, interviews, video scripts, editing, and proofreading. We manage projects, plan and implement marketing campaigns. While we all have our own style of writing, the number 1 aim is to communicate about what “somebody” else has to say… and this somebody is YOUR BRAND.quantum-copywriterjoke

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  • A Day In The Life Of A Copywriter

    Posted in Copywriting: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 30.07.2017

    You don’t see me, but you may read my words everywhere and I may have played my part in the last house you bought or sold, the new personal development blog you’re following or your latest crush for Scandinavian style decoration! Whether you’re a blogger, digital marketer or a business owner who wants to write about your brand, here are the techniques I use to write about completely unrelated topics for 12 to 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.


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