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4 Guidelines + 2 Case Studies For Engaging FB Activities

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Since the organic exposure on Facebook decreased significantly (to say the least) and as sponsored ads are one but not the only way to increase exposure to brands, Facebook activities became a common mean to create awareness campaigns.

But like everything in marketing in a disrupted world, to create a successful campaign you need to come up with activities that people care about.

Here are 4 simple and basic guidelines to do just that, followed by two detailed examples that showcases these guidelines.

  1. Your audience, your target, your brand. Before planning any activity/campaign/competition – think about three things: (1) who is your target audience in this activity (2) what is the activity’s goal and (3) what is your brand about. It sounds obvious but when planning a fun event for your page, a tendency to get carried away is developing and you might forget the basics (it happens to the best!). So even if giving away a fancy furniture item when you’re actually a travel agency seems like the best idea for a moment, think again. The prize has to be within the world of travel (a night in a hotel will be more relevant, for example), your target audience is travelers (and not deco lovers) and the target of your activity is to bring brand awareness to the new destination you just launched (and not the amazing features of oak wood).

  1. Don’t make it too complicated. When targeting a broad audience, you have to keep things simple. Asking the audience to like the page + like the post + share it on their timeline + leave a comment that they shared it is too complicated for both sides. For you – to follow up and for your target audience – to understand. Write what you’d like them to do and what will happen after they do it. Say it in the most simple language, and if possible in a “step by step” guide that is not more than 3 or 4 steps, whereas each step is easy to understand.
Keep things simple, and within your brand's context. Keep things simple, and within your brand's context.
  1. Don’t make it too simple. The most common competitions that you see out there is “like and share” competition, where the incentive for the users to participate is getting something for free. To start with, and as we mentioned several times before – asking users to use their timeline to win a competition is against Facebook’s rules. But that’s only one aspect. Most brands conduct competitions because they want people - not just people - ones that represent their target audience - to be exposed to their brand and interact with it through the competitions they create. “Like & Share” competitions don’t create meaningful interaction. They’re simple actions that usually don’t bring the right people to your page. Instead, create competitions where users need to “work” a bit harder – be creative with their answer, upload/send a photo in the context of your brand, tell a story, “check in” with a photo in your premises - are all examples of how what users need to do is simple but not too simple and in most cases, will attract the targeted audience.
Like & Share competitions. Not > <span class=

Not only it's against FB's guidelines, but also it usually brings irrelevant audiences

  1. Competitions are great but not the only way. As the title of the article suggests, it’s not only about giving things away. It’s doable to create activities that make people engage with your brand because they care. Request for their opinion, ask about their preference, get them to tell a fun story. It’s true that giving free stuff helps a lot but on social media, people just want to be heard and sometimes it’s all you need for a successful campaign.

So far the guidelines. Here are two real examples from clients Quantum is grateful to work with: La Boutique Gourmande and The Mauritius Glass Gallery.

La Boutique Gourmande: Mother’s day competition

La Boutique Gourmande is a one-stop shop for baking ingredients and accessories. It’s located in Curepipe and the main target audience is people with passion for baking in Mauritius.

For Mother’s day, we architectured the following competition:

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.44.43 AM

The thinking behind:

  • The target audience: we were approaching the mums themselves (“mums, send us…”) as women are the main engaging audience and clients of the shop.
  • The campaign’s goal: bring exposure through engagement.

The concept:

  • The "filter" is something people already relate to - from snapchat/Instagram/Facebook stories feature, only in this case, we add La Boutique Gourmande’s branded filter on the audience’s photos.
  • The vibe - fun and happy, like baking and like the shop.
La Boutique Gourmande Quantum Some of the 233 photos (with the La Boutique Gourmande filter on them) which participated in the competition

The results:

  • More than 230 people sent their photos.  In the month of the competition, the page's reach was more than 114,000 people and it had more than 101,000 engagements.
  • And also - more foot traffic to the shop!

The power of this competition was in the virality of it. Once the first photos were published, it attracted new people to send their photos and once their photos were published, it made many more people to send theirs and so on and so forth. A ripple effect where everyone wanted their photo with the La Boutique Gourmande’s filter occurred. One of the signs of the success of the concept was that not everyone were actively trying to win the prize - they simply enjoyed having their photo with our filter. Enjoying so much indeed, that some of them made it their FB profile photo

Thanks to Quantum’s dedicated team – mainly our graphic designer and community manager, this activity was a huge success and we enjoyed a lot working on it.

The Mauritius Glass Gallery: The Phoenix Jug activity

The Mauritius Glass Gallery is a glass foundry based in Phoenix. Guided tours, handcast display of celebrities from all around the world and a showroom displaying handcrafted glass items made from recycled glass are all available at MGG.

Perhaps the most famous items of the foundry are the Phoenix glass and mug. And when MGG decided to add another family member, we asked Mauritians for their preference about the future design of what was to become the Phoenix jug.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.39.55 AM

But it didn’t stop there! After calculating the results, we created a simple video that showcases the process of the activity from day 1 of asking the audience until the actual production of the new Phoenix beer jug.

We then replied to each of the dozens and dozens of people who shared their opinion with us and unveiled the decision by sending them the video in the comments.

The thinking behind:

  • The target audience: Mauritians, mainly 25 years old and above, beer lovers.
  • The campaign’s goal: increase awareness of the Phoenix Beer items and engage the followers in a different and exciting way.

The concept:

  • The decision of the final hand crafted Phoenix jug was given completely to the audience.

The results:

  • Nearly 4,000 post likes and nearly 160 shares on the original post.
  • More than 150 people who shared their opinion. The video announcing the winner received more than 14,000 views.
  • The question post reached more than 60,000 people whereas 40% of it was organic. In the days around the activity, the page was engaged by nearly 6,000 people.
  • And also - a brand new Phoenix Beer family member - the Phoenix Jug!

The power of this activity was, without a doubt, the freedom that MGG gave to its audience. The fact that literally anyone could have a say made all the difference. The organic exposure was affected by the answers that kept adding in the comments plus that people cared enough to share the post.

Finally, although the success was big in both activities  (according to the Mauritian market), the budget invested wasn't. That, to say that to make people care, you don’t need a high flying budget. You just need a good idea combined with understanding of your audience and brand in the Facebook ecosystem’s context.

Want to talk about Facebook activities ideas? Know a super example of a Facebook activity? Please do share with us in the comments section below!